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Euro Joe Hidden Sleeve with Leather
Euro Joe Hidden Sleeve with Leather

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This hidden sleeve is made to wear under garments. This hidden sleeve with the laces running up the inside of the arm, is padded with felt and has a piece of leather at the inside to provide extra protection against hard biters.

This sleeve is very popular with police K9, military and civil protection trainers.

This sleeve will allow the police K9 unit to proof if their dog will actually bite a person that is not wearing a sleeve or any other protection.

Lots of sport dogs that are used to bite on an IPO-sleeve or a full body bite suit, will hesitate to protect their boss when being attacked. When your life is depending on your dog, you need to know if your dog will stand up for you and actually bite when the need is there.

With this hidden sleeve you can protect your arm, and try out if the dog is defensive enough. In this defensive training, you must make sure that you are training with a good reliable helper that has experience in what he's doing and that the dog is at the leash. Of course you have to have extremely good quality equipment for this dangerous task.

Using a hidden sleeve for testing a dog in protection work or police service work is a dangerous job, and should only be done by professionals and never by new or non experienced trainers. This to avoid serious injuries due to incorrect use of the hidden sleeve.

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